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    Paper Bag Making Machine: The Ultimate Guide

    I know you’re looking for a paper bag making machine that’s why you are here.

    Maybe, you want to be a paper bag wholesaler or make branded designs for your retail business.

    The truth is, paper bags are dear packages for food vendors, retailers, and even manufacturers.

    But, how can you venture in this business?

    Or, what is the most cost effective way of making paper bags?

    Today’s guide debunks the facts behind paper bag making process and machine such basic definition, working principle, classification, design, technical specification, etc.

    So stay with me to be an expert in paper bag making industry.

    Let’s begin with some facts.

    Apart from the other devastating problems associated with plastic bags, did you know that synthetic bag manufacturers produce about one trillion of those bags in a year globally?

    Did you also know that it takes one thousand years for a single bag of this kind to biodegrade?

    Yes, that’s the scariest part of it.

    Due to that, most governments are imposing bans on these carriers.

    The alternative?

    A mega-shift to more environmentally friendly paper bags.

    So basically a plastic shopping bag making machine is a state of the art machine that gathers, folds, stamps, and processes papers to produce clean paper bags.

    These paper bags are for use in the packaging of goods in various industries such as food, pharmaceutical products, grocery, and baking industries.

    The plastic t shirt bag making machine come in various configurations depending on the type of bags for final production.

    Therefore, the paper bag making system should be versatile enough to cater to the dynamics in the paper bag manufacturing.

    Today different paper bag making stakeholders such as the machine manufacturers, raw material suppliers face a lot of shifting customer demands, government regulations, changing prices, etc.

    It’s thus good only if the machine can afford the manufacturer some relief.

    For that matter, it means that you need to know all the factors related to the paper bag making the machine.

    Besides, all the accompanying dynamics before making a purchase.

    Luckily, I have compiled all that you need to know in this article.

    The history of development and use of eco friendly carry bags manufacturing machine dates back to the 19th century.

    During these early stages, the systems were simple and mechanically operated.

    With that, we move to the next step.

    Take a moment to reflect on the occasions you use a paper bag.

    Indeed paper bag forms a vital integral in our lives today.

    From simple uses such as carrying random goods to more complex ones such as in pharmaceuticals to wrap up drugs.

    One thing is for sure.

    Without paper biodegradable bags manufacturing machines, we would be missing a significant aspect of our lives.

    Surely, there are numerous uses of paper bag making the machine.

    Subsequently, the produced paper bags can be classified under different distinct categories depending on their purposes.

    Some of the major classifications are:

    · Bread paper bags

    Usually, if you go to the bakery store or supermarkets, you will find the bread wrapped up in brown paper bags and displayed.

    There is a significant reason why grocery stores do this kind of wrapping.

    Now, most of you might have had guesses about the reasons why the bakery stores bread in paper bags.

    Is it for aesthetical values to make it look fancy so that you get wanting to buy some?

    Or, is it to make you believe about the degree of freshness of the loaf?

    Some firmly think it’s solely for being environmentally conscious.

    Trust me;

    The bread paper bag covers serve much more values than those reasons above for maintaining more prolonged periods of freshness.

    That’s right;

    The paper bag plays a significant role in helping to keep the bread stay fresh for an extended period — this how it works.

    The paper bags especially the open ones provides a path for the continuous circulation of air in and out of the bread.

    The constant air circulation would then make the bread to form a crust which is also vital for the maintenance of freshness.

    The bread crust formed on the outer layer of the bread may seem dry but beneath that crust, lies a moist and sweet food.

    For that matter, it remains fresh for an extra three to four days.

    On the contrary, if you do the same packaging in a plastic bag, this what will undoubtedly happen.

    The plastic bag will retain moisture in the bread thereby keeping the whole crust and bread soaked in moisture thus becoming mushy.

    As a result, the dough will likely give you two or one day window for you to consume it a failure of which it loses taste.

    For that matter, the best packaging for your bread would undoubtedly be the one.

    It gives you freedom for consumption for at least within 3-4 days.

    More extended consumption period is what paper bag presents you.

    · Shopping paper bags

    Paper bags are suitable products for easy carrying to various places.

    One of these places should be the market or store.

    Paper bags are very much ideal for packing and fitting your goods when shopping.

    Hence, if you need a place to stack up and pack all your shopping, then paper bags would serve you dearly.

    Another thumbs up for paper bags is because they are open to customization to meet the customer’s requirements.

    Such kinds of specialization could be the production of different sizes, colors, and branding.

    In fact in the present, most countries around the globe have banned the use of plastic bags for shopping purposes.

    As a result, a paper bag would dearly serve your shopping needs.

    · Clothing paper bags

    Do you always feel bothered with packing your clothes in a heavy traveling bag?

    Are you tired of carrying your clothing in heavy bags everywhere you go?

    We have a solution for you.

    Over recent years, the clothing bags have proved to be very simple to use, flexible, convenient and light in weight.

    Indeed am very sure everyone will one time encounter these kinds of new bags.

    Besides, they come in different sizes giving you options for selecting the one that satisfies your needs.

    Above all, they comprise of different types of materials such as black cardboard paper, white cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper or special paper.

    Again, the different kinds of material variety give you the freedom to select your favorite material.

    Notably, this class of paper bags is also much appealing to the eye as it’s possible to print them using different customized models such as logos, pictures, etc.

    These customizations can as well help you promote your brand or company.

    · Leisure paper bags

    If you’re not aware, some brands of paper bags are solely suited for leisure purposes.

    Today, several ladies carry specially designed paper bags when going to special occasions such as a walk, date, shopping or parties.

    A survey conducted in Tokyo revealed that most teenagers prefer carrying leisure paper bags whenever going for a leisure walk to standard backpacks or even briefcases.

    These leisure bags have got beautiful printable designs with different portrays to look good.

    The custom printing and designs would help you reach a more diversified market.

    Do you visit the nearest gymnasium to your house

    Then a leisure paper bag is suitable for you to carry along your fitness clothing, shoes, and even a water or energy drink bottle.

    · Fruit paper bags

    When it comes to the handling of fruits, a paper bag does so many functions.

    Most common roles of a fruit paper bag are:

    i. Packing fruits or carrying fruits from the market.

    I trust whenever you go to the market to buy fruits of your choice, the attendant places them in a paper bag.

    The packaging style is vital to help you carry the fruits along back home without worrying about wherever to put them.

    Furthermore, the paper bags are very hygienic to shield them from getting contaminated with germs or harmful chemicals.

    ii. Ripening fruits

    Have you ever been in a stressful hurdle of trying to get fruits to ripen faster?

    Continue reading…

    It’s so much simpler to get fruits to ripen up. You only need to have a paper bag by your side.

    Then do the following.

    Place the fruits in a paper bag.

    Leave the top of the paper bag slightly open.

    Wait for a few days for the fruit to ripen. That’s it.

    The technique behind this innovation is that most fruits release small quantities of ethylene gas.

    Since you left the paper bag slightly open, the emitted ethylene gas doesn’t escape but in turn, gets reabsorbed by the fruits.

    Continuous reabsorption of the ethylene gas initiates several physiological changes to the fruits.

    The most notable one is accelerating the ripening process of the fruits.

    Though it’s not easy to accurately estimate the rate of ripening of the fruits using this method.

    What researchers have proven is that ripening via paper bags takes shorter time compared to natural maturation.

    However, you need to ensure that the paper bag isn’t tightly closed because by doing that the fruits may instead rot.


    Tightly or thoroughly closed paper bag would leave no space for emission of other fruit emissions majorly moisture.

    Apart from causing the rotting effect, the humidity also facilitates the growth of mold in the fruits. The same results will occur if you use plastic bags.

    · Food paper bags

    Unquestionably paper bags form the foundation of most food packaging needs because other than from being eco-friendly, they’re economical, variety and flexible.

    On the economic perspective, if you’re dealing with a newly established business, then food paper bags is right for you to enable you to save on expenses.

    Besides, you can custom print the bags to make you give your company the correct exposure you need to gain ‘muscle strength’ in the market.

    Amongst a variety of diverse range of paper bags, the most popular ones include sulfite and kraft.

    The food paper bags are always coated free and non-treated to reduce the initial costs

    The bags are suitable for packing low – wet or moisture-containing food.

    For that matter, you can use these bags for packing takeaway foods such as cookies, pastries, sandwiches, muffins, rolls, chips, etc.

    They are specially designed to keep the food always fresh and crispy without it losing its taste.

    Besides, the bags come in a variety of sizes.

    Some of the typical categories of food paper bags are:

    Coffee bags – they are available in different content carrying capacity such as 0.5 lb,2lb, 5 lb, etc. to make them even more effective, they are grease resistant.

    Candy/bakery bags –perfect for a variety of foods.

    Bread bags

    Glassine bags

    Cookie and sandwich bags – these are moisture and grease resistant.

    Chicken carry bags

    · Drug packaging bags

    The pharmaceutical industry is a critical field that hugely relies on the use of paper bags.

    The environmentally suitable and recyclable paper bags are often used to pack almost everything from prescriptions, dosing to the cards issued out.

    These bags can be printed in many colors up to four and are available in different sizes depending on the application for use.

    Other forms of customization are also familiar with these paper bags to assist you in branding and to advertise your business and the services you offer.

    The bags are available in different raw materials including white or brown kraft, clay coated gloss.

    Pharmacies, veterinary clinics, hospitals, and other health centers are just a few areas which utilize the need for paper bags.

    Since packaging is an integral service in the pharmaceutical industry, it’s always thoroughly regulated depending on the country of origin of the bags.

    Some of the standard measures put in place for the production of paper bags are:

    Assurance of the patient wellbeing,

    Confirmation of the efficacy of the drugs for the intended shelf life

    Sufficient documentation of all the materials and processes of production

    Regulation of any chances of contamination of the drugs by the packagings.

    Avoidance of microbial contamination.

    Control of quality degradation of the drugs by moisture, heat, etc.

    The smaller packs of drugs are usually precisely measured and placed into smaller original paper bag packages.

    Over the counter drugs are also the primary beneficiary of the paper bags.

    The packaging contains all the relevant usage information including the dosage.

    These drug paper bags are usually resistant to tamper as well as having the child resistant properties.

    Those are some of the main areas and applications where you may use the paper bag making machines.

    With that, we should move to the next segment of our discussion. Shall we?

    Chapter 3: Classification of Paper Bag Making Equipment

    Due to the versatility nature of the paper bag making machines, they are available in different types.

    Interestingly, each type of machine does a specific job of producing a single variety of bag since each can only work with a particular kind of raw material.

    These machines belong to the following categories:

    a) Fully Automatic Paper Bag Making Machine

    A fully automatic paper bag making machine is a unique brand of device.

    Indeed it’s the modern machine that manufacturers developed to solve problems earlier associated with the other systems.

    For this one, almost all its operations are automated to work efficiently.

    This kind of operational basis makes it suitable for accurately gathering the raw materials, folding them, stamping and finally processing the elements at high speed.

    This machine is built using leading modern technology to optimize its performance.

    Talking of fully automatic machine means that most of it’s provisions are computer driven.

    Taking for example:

    The machinery has got a touch screen and PC control system indicating that the machine shows the real time progress of the work.

    Programmed counting system- the machine has got an automatic counting provision. So once the user inputs the number, the device ejects out the right quantity of paper bags set from the system.

    Color mark tracking system – this function ensures that the paper bags cutting is precise in a form pattern after printing.

    Dense designed mechanical transmission -this kind of design ensures that the material is stably passed, improves the mechanical properties and producing clean paper bags with superior appearance.

    Furthermore, these kinds of machines are entirely automatic.

    It only requires an operators involvement to refill the raw materials, collect the end products and key in the commands.

    You need to know that even the fully automatic machines vary depending on the type of paper bag they process.

    For example, we have got; medicine paper bag, grocery bag, butter paper bag, etc. as earlier mentioned.

    Therefore, it implies that you don’t need to pick on any, but you select depending on the type of container you wish to produce.

    To make this machine suitable and usable by all, they come in different sizes, ie.

    Large, medium and small.

    Therefore, you have got the freedom to purchase the best scope that you require.