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29 Tháng mười một 2022
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    XBURN POD is 2.0ml best refillable pod vape,Appearance is Metal and transparent Housing.designed and manufactured by Gluss, Tank material is PCTG, Magnetic connection to the battery,filling oil from top.
    *Best refillable pod vape
    *2ml tank for e-liquid or CBD oil 0.8~1.2惟 mesh coil
    *Top and bottom metal cap design which are solid and better sealing.
    *The 鈥榝lex-lock鈥檇esign makes thePOD 鈥榙isposable鈥檕r 鈥榬eusable鈥?
    *Filling hole鈥榮ealing鈥?design which makes the surface clean and dry after filling.
    *The 鈥榚ven heat鈥檇esign make the mesh coil鈥檚 life longer, it is very durable, same taste after 10times of filling.
    *3mm air path design, smooth and avoid Gurgling issue.鈥楲eak-lock鈥?technology, avoid leakage,The bottom is super dry and clean.
    *The mouth piece cap can be taken-off for several times of filling.
    Size (L x W x H) 21.2*11.7 *39mm
    Volume 2.0ml best refillable pod vape
    Pod Specifications Mesh Coil Refill Pod
    Capacity 500mAh
    Compatible Battery Gfluss XBURN VS1
    Gfluss XBURN VK1
    Quick Guide 1.Remove the drip tip to instill e-liquid while the pod is sitting in the device.
    2.Cap on with drip tip after e-juice is filled and let it sit for 5 minutes.
    Packaging Includes 1 pc GFLUSS XBURN PODRefillable Pod Vape