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    Laminated glass
    Laminated glass (LG) is a type of safety glass that holds together when shattered. The interlayer, made through heat and pressure, keeps the layers of glass bonded even when broken, and its high strength prevents the glass from breaking up into large sharp pieces. This produces a characteristic "spider web" cracking pattern when the impact is not enough to completely pierce the glass. The thermoset EVA offers a complete bounding (cross-linking) with the material whether it is glass, polycarbonate, PC, or other types of products.

    Laminated glass is used for architecture, glazing, automobile safety, photovoltaic, UV protection, and artistic expression. The most common use of laminated glass is skylight glazing and automobile windshields. In geographical areas requiring hurricane-resistant construction, laminated glass is often used in exterior storefronts, curtain walls, and windows.

    Laminated glass is also used to increase the sound insulation rating of a window because it significantly improves sound attenuation compared to monolithic glass panes of the same thickness. For this purpose, a special "acoustic PVB" compound is used for the interlayer. In the case of the EVA material, no additional acoustic material is required, since the EVA provides sound insulation. TPU is an elastic material, so sound absorption is intrinsic to its nature. ;

    What is PDLC smart glass?
    PDLC stands for polymer-dispersed liquid crystals which can be engineered into end-products such as smart windows, smart glass displays, and smart consumer electronics, giving privacy, security, and energy efficiency.

    The smartness of PDLCs is a result of their ability to change their transparency (technically called the "transmittance" when an electrical stimulus is applied to them. This is normally by way of an alternating voltage, which exerts an alternating electric field across the PDLC material. Nevertheless, the PDLC is only as smart as the control system which stimulates the change, which can be driven by a push-button switch, a light sensor, or a building automation system.

    What are the major reasons for using PDLC smart glass?

    Enhanced security (since the glass is shatter-proof thanks to the internal plastic lamination)

    Privacy (thanks to the scattering of light, essentially hiding whatever is behind the smart glass)

    Glare reduction (again thanks to the scattering effect)

    Reduction of the carbon footprint of the building thanks to the solar control, which reduces HVAC needs, both in summer and winter

    Reduced color fading of interior furnishings and artworks, thanks to the rejection of UV

    Creative marketing, since when the PDLC smart glass is off, the scattering effect creates a screen upon which you can project images.

    Decorative glass LED laminated glass for partition
    Laurel Tempered ; LED Laminated Glass ;is produced with two or more thoroughly cleaned tempered glass panels with two or more polyvinyl-butyralfoils (PVB) are mounted on each other in a cleanroom. Then the sandwich is pre-strengthened in a rolling process at approx. 200℃ heat and then put these glasses on a shelf into the autoclave with about 130℃ heat and 10 bar pressure.

    With the sharp increase of safety glass in all aspects of life, laminated glass has become a key component in the realization of modern interior decoration and exterior architecture due to its strength and safety features such as hurricane and impact resistance, protection against bombs or other explosions, sound reduction, glass floors and stairs, earthquake resistance, doors, and windows.

    The tempered laminated glass includes full tempered laminated, heat-strengthened laminated, heat-soaked laminated, silkscreened laminated, bent tempered laminated, digital printed laminated glass.


    1. Resists intense impact

    2. Protect home from fading(Resistance to UV)

    3. Safety, security, and serenity

    4. Reduce noise

    5. Solar energy control

    6. Durable usage time

    7. Various installation methods

    8. Resist and delay fire

    About Decorative Laminated Glass
    We offer a huge selection of laminated glass colors in our ViviColor line, stone textures with the VitraStone collection, natural fiber interlayers such as wood in the Etama line, and finally, our fabric interlayer line called Couture.

    Our laminated glass collections are created in-house from start to finish allowing us to offer amazing turn-around times and greater control, reducing errors and ensuring we help you hit deadlines and beat project budgets.

    Laminated glass is more than safety glass. It can also be beautiful. Add decorative laminated glass ;to your barn doors, showers, cladding, partitions, and walls.

    Our decorative laminated glass lines give you full control over the pattern, color, material, and even transparency. Add a frosted interlayer on top of your decorative interlayer to add privacy, control sightlines, and still retain daylighting. Our frosted interlayers look and behave just like etched glass. Choose any level of opacity. We even offer frosted gradients.

    In addition to having full control of what is in between the glass panels, you also have control of what is on the glass panels. Add etched glass patterns or include back-painted glass to add shadows and depth. Light up your panels with our LED edge-lit glass, or use our antique mirrors or standard mirrors on the backside of your laminated panel.

    Rayno's most innovative on/off-screen film
    The PDLC film (Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal) technology combines polymers and liquid crystal materials, creating a base for a new generation of window displays.

    PDLC has the properties to become transparent when an electric current is supplied to it, allowing you to turn the film from transparent to opaque with simple controls.

    Unlike other PDLC films, Rayno's uses an innovative sponge construction to bring more flexibility in design and application.


    World's First 120μm Switchable Film

    Thinnest switchable film on the market – can be installed directly onto existing glass panels.

    Liquid Crystal Film

    Gives state-of-the-art transparency and clarity. As the only sponge structure PDLC film, Rayno Smart Film allows flexible design options.

    Fast Response

    With simple control, the smart film will switch on in less than 0.05 sec.

    Large Film Width

    Sheet size up to 3.94 ft x 16.4 ft. Can be cut and combined to fit ANY dimension. Efficiently stored and transported on rolls.

    PDLC Smart Film
    PDLC smart film ;is an intelligent film created by the exclusive liquid film technology of Rayno. This allows the film to turn on/off from clear to opaque window film, creating a project-able privacy wall.

    With this diversity, it is ideal for innovative projects from showrooms, any space that requires flexibility in privacy to display screens, advertising displays, and other creative applications.



    Run meetings, advertise, or create the world’s largest TV by projecting onto smart film.

    Energy Savings

    Low voltage, Rayno Smart Film uses only .00077w/in2 to operate. Variety of different control methods.


    Blocks 99% of Ultraviolet rays and 65% of Infrared rays – shielding you from the sun.

    Dynamic Design Options

    The film is available in an array of colors, to meet your decorative needs.

    Self Adhesive Smart Film
    The PDLC adhesive smart film ;is manufactured with a self-adhesive cling layer on the rear side, you can peel and stick to the existing glass directly, which provides a simple and cost-effective alternative way to retrofit your existing glass into the switchable smart glass.

    Self Adhesive Smart Film Feature

    Easy Installation: Adhesive smart film does not require you to replace your windows and it can be cut to any size and retrofit onto any existing window or glass surface.

    Privacy on Demand: You can turn the glass opaque to protect your privacy. And turn into transparent to extended viewing space.

    Energy Efficient: Smart film is not just for privacy or sunblock, but it also absorbs UV rays and reflects infrared to keep your room temperature lower and in turn save you energy.

    Interactive Projection: Switchable film can work as a projection screen when the film is opaque. It can even work as an interactive screen if integrate with the touch frame system.

    Multi-purpose Usage: You can use it on any glass surface – in the home, the office, or the shop front. Or anywhere else you can think of.

    Flexible: Smart film can be customized to nonstandard sizes and have uniform opacity when curved.