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29 Tháng tư 2022
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29 Tháng tư 2022
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29 Tháng tư 2022
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    1 Tháng chín 1985 (Tuổi: 38)
    In the minds of many people, storage shelves have no functions except for some goods. In fact, shelves play an irreplaceable role in the entire Storage System. In order to realize modern storage and efficient storage and retrieval, warehouse managers are not only There are requirements for the quality and precision of the shelf, as well as higher requirements for its automation and mechanization. So what functions does such a charming shelf have?

    1. The upper space can be fully utilized

    The height of the shelves can be set to the unused space in the upper storey of the warehouse, and the goods can be placed in a high place without stacking up as before. At this time, forklifts are needed.

    2. can make the goods safer

    The goods are placed on the Shelves, which not only prevents the goods from contacting the warehouse floor and is damp, but also ensures that the packaging of the goods will not be broken, etc.

    3. reduce time cost

    The goods of the same variety can be put together to facilitate positioning and access, which can reduce time cost and labor cost.

    4. anti-theft

    Because the goods are clearly placed and positioned accurately, it is convenient to count the goods, and the shelves are neatly arranged and can be seen at a glance, so there is no fear of someone stealing.

    5. improve the efficiency of warehouse access

    Storage racks can be used together with forklifts and elevators, so that the efficiency of entry and exit is higher.

    In short, it is precisely because the Storage Shelves can make full use of the upper three-dimensional space of the warehouse, ensure that the goods are safer, facilitate inventory and positioning, protect quality from dust and theft, and help mechanization improve efficiency. In addition, there are also many types pf selves for different usages, such as Supermarket Metal Shelves, Wood Shelves, Display Shelf including Tool Display Shelf, Cosmetic Display Shelf, Oil Display Shelf, Custom Display Shelf, etc.

    Another item pretty similar to selves is called rack. One can store many things in a storage rack. It can either be used for industrial or for personal use. Modern day homes do not require a cellar to store the things; they can now depend on a good-looking, functional storage rack that fulfils its role by storing whatever is desired.

    Storage racks are now available as shelf units. They do not require any kind of attachments. All you need to do is to purchase a rack and you are ready to store all your things. Storage racks offer sophisticated storage design and can provide you with much needed space. If you choose these racks, then you will be able to observe the efficiency of these storage racks and how they can have a positive effect on your day to day activities. If you have many CD's and DVD's, then by storing them in these types of racks you can create your own entertainment zone.

    The system components for storage racks are diverse and varied. However they all have an elegant and modern look. Any number of combinations can be arranged to suit your operational requirements. Different customers have different needs and requirements so these racks like Fruit and Vegetable Racks, Wine Racks, Warehouse Rack and so on can be tailored according to the client's specifications. Storage racks provide space efficiency. This can help you keep your home neat and tidy.