Earn 30000 token XWG with player game Dream Card

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    X World Games is a decentralized gaming ecosystem built on the Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. Players and creators can obtain the X World Games (XWG) Tokens through a variety of innovative games. The first game launched on the platform is Dream Card, inspired by Pokemon TCG. Dream cards are digital, collectible characters built on the Ethereum blockchain and Binance Smart Chain. You can trade them with XWG tokens, and cultivate new characters with exciting features, different degrees of cuteness, powerful combat attributes and trading values.

    Website: https://xwg.games

    Token in BSC: https://bscscan.com/token/0x6b23c89196deb721e6fd9726e6c76e4810a464bc


    A little introduction to XWG

    NFT Cards

    Players can build and customize their character cards with different special weapons and types of equipment, not only for the card’s battle efficiency but also for the card’s uniqueness and value in the XWG world. All in-game character cards will be tokenized and represented by NFTs, which can be traded through the XWG marketplace.


    In the XWG world, a DAO called Community Council will be created by XWG token holders. XWG-holders can make proposals and vote for essential governance decisions and game development plans, such as the airdrop’s frequency, the in-game PVE daily reward cap and the NFT card burning process. In the later stage, XWG-holders get to design their overall gaming economy, putting the XWG token value and ecosystem in their own hands.

    You will play games to earn many XWG tokens. XWG is expected to be available on exchange in the near Future.

    Join and earn XWG tokens now.

    The game interface is quite simple for new players.


    This is a shopping area, you can buy items that increase the power and experience of your character card


    This is the area where you get your daily login rewards. Just log in and you have your reward.


    Next, Mission is an area where you can find daily quests and receive rewards as you level up.


    Configuring the Deck


    Recycle area. After Recycle you will receive XWG corresponding to the amount in the right corner of the image.


    Upgrading the Card

    When you enter the card page, you can see the common quality card you just received. You can upgrade the card according to the steps;


    Experience props are materials for upgrading cards, which can be purchased in the in-game mall with XWG tokens;


    Let's start the match now.

    Tip: to win you need to read the game guide at this address:



    After winning you get the amount of XWG tokens. I found that, when playing against players stronger than you. if you win will get a lot of tokens.


    Here is the token after opening the reward


    Great, So we have earned tokens very simply with XWG. This is the groundbreaking development of NFTs that I have ever known. Join now.!!!
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